Speed up your recruitment process! 

Position yourself strategically and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Cut the paper chase and centralize your hiring process in one software!

Hiring Process

Quick and easy hiring process

Only a couple of steps are needed to find your future employee!

Simply create a job portal and promote your job listings on different channels, for example your website.  Our website builder provides you with useful blocks to design your job advertisement. Highlight benefits and incorporate a contact form, so applicants can reach you directly! Personalize your email templates to reply to new applications.

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Create templates or personalized emails to reply to applications.

Manage and centralise your candiates documents. 

Set up your recruitment pipeline and find the perfect fit for the open position.

Your job ads

Each job offer is automatically assigned to a new email address, so that the application documents are forwarded directly to the appropriate contact person. Whether applicants contact you via email or online form, all data (resumes, cover letters, etc.) are properly saved for you. Simply respond with one click - using templates or personalized emails.

Keep track of your recruitment process 

All applications are assigned to the right candidate, which makes it easier to schedule interviews. It's easy to add and change content on their contact because candidates are added to your contact list. Your very own database can be created by updating their skill set on a regular basis.  

To stay on top of all your possible new employees, use our kanban view and customize the stages of your hiring process. The pipeline is easily adjusted by dragging and dropping the stages to your liking. Name stages and steps for a structured procedure.

Recruitment process

CV Parsing

Lack of time is a significant problem in recruiting, with the help of CV Parsing this is no longer a problem. Applicant data is clearly transferred into the system, making it easy to manage and compare applicants without document chaos!

Job Application form

Fully organized!

You have received a new e-mail from an applicant or have been contacted via online contact form? Regardless of the channel, HiReady will organize all your incoming requests and attached documents. Handle your recruitment completely professionally and internally!