Automate, create and improve.

Create and track Invoices actively to simplify your business processes! 


More than just invoicing...

Our software allows you to send out customized invoices and adjust them to the requirements of various industries. The software keeps track of transactions, generates reports for pending invoices and profits.

Invoices can be easily created by using templates in a matter of a few clicks. 


Receipts and invoices can be posted easily and in the shortest possible time. By linking the bank account, transactions are immediately visible, and you can complete your expense management at any time. 

Keep a clear view of your company's performance, with profit and loss reports that make your life easier. 

Company data

Set your company's data for documents header/footer.


Connect your financial accounts in seconds.

Invoice Layout

Customize the look of your invoices.

Create invoice

Create your first Invoice.


Invoice Features

Send recurring invoices, create draft invoices, customize recipients and use the email template feature.  Everything related to billing, invoicing, sending estimates and customer management can be done directly in your dashboard. The ability to design your own invoice template and payments and products with customization is easy.