Project Management

Hit goals or complete deliverables within a set timeframe.

Flexible, transparent and efficient business with HiReady! 

Get an overview of all your running projects.
Forecast your resources and analyze costs & working hours.

Improved division of work!

Larger projects need careful planning and a clear task division. The pipeline in our Software allows you to separate stages and tasks of your projects. The stages can be tailored to your needs for a more simplified workflow.

Clarifying steps and tasks to your coworkers improves teamwork and efficiency! Respective responsible employees are able to edit and work on the given stages and assignments.


Cost management

The all-in-one tool is equipped with an advanced functional interface and dashboard that helps you run multiple sales sessions at once. Cost management is an interface of sales and accounting tasks. All costs incurred in a company can be recorded and managed via a cost management function within the Sales module. 

Task Management

Task management allows users to perform tasks in a targeted, timely and efficient manner. Created tasks can be linked to their users, profiles, prospects and more via the CRM Software. 

The status of a particular task can be monitored and updated at any time. This way it is always apparent who is working on which task and whether it has been already finalized.


Forecast your resources and performance!

Increase your prodoctivity by planning ahead! Prepare your projects with your employees' availability in mind using our fully integrated module for time off management. Considering future absences or holidays prevents straining your employees. Predict the scope of your project by comparing timesheets of previous projects.


Bill your clients as accurately as possible! Projects can be added to your timesheets due to the full integration of our modules. Managers can view all running projects and calculate resources, time management, and expenses accordingly. 


Chat with your Coworkers!

Stay in touch with your colleagues and work together on projects. Assign tasks to each other, share documents, and add notes in real-time. 

Communicate through our chatter and say goodbye to unnecessary meetings! Simply, talk to your coworkers via live chat or open up group discussions.