Work more productive and save time.

Enhance your customer service and relationship with our CRM module! 



generate and track your leads


organize and close opportunities


get real-time reports on your performance

CRM - Pipeline - Contact

Stay in touch with your prospects

Take matters into your own hands and ensure long-term customers by staying in contact with future clients! Thanks to our integrations of Gmail, Outlook, and VoIP, you can make calls directly from the opportunities records. 

Strengthen your team!

Message your colleagues directly or create public channels for effective collaboration. Share documents, and notes and most importantly, don't miss out on any news!

Forecasts based on authentic data!

Our apps come with handy tools for live reports and data analysis on your individual or team performance. You can view them as diagrams, graphs or pivot tables and share them with your colleague.

Time in stage
leads und opportunities

Get the full overview of your leads & opportunities!

Our pipeline offers a full display of incoming leads and future opportunities. Organize your dashboard to your personal needs to get an overview of your company at a glance. Improve your workflow by adding stages and activities to your opportunities like calls, e-mails or meetings.  Schedule subsequent activities for better organization. Add reminders and deadlines for your tasks or quotations.