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HR Essentials


Manage your employee records.


Document your employee's working hours.


Oversee vacations & absence.


Get a complete overview of your employees, their contracts and more relevant information. Create templates for each employee to specify relevant information or to deposit documents. 

Add departments and employee hierarchies for effective team management. Regulate which employee receives and sees sensitive information by assigning specific roles. Enable your notifications to receive any new leave requests, changes or applications!


Improve your team's communication by using our chatter. Communicate through internal notes on records, or open the chatter to message your colleagues directly. Share documents, pictures and don't miss out on important changes! 

Skill management

Skill Management 

Manage the skills of your employees and have a simple overview of the individual employees and their skills.


On- and Offboarding

Create On- and Offboarding plans for your employees and for different job positions.

Simplify your Recruiting Process

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Time Off

Uncomplicated leave management.

Stop the paper chase with HiReady! Employees can digitally register a request for paid time off or sick leaves. As a manager, you are able to oversee all upcoming team leaves and are able to either approve or reject the time off request. That way, you avoid overlaps in the working schedule. More importantly, tasks can be reassigned to other members of your team. 

Time off

Use reports for advanced planning

Create reports for every leave request in just one click, including details for each type of request, employee, department, and even for the entire company. Receive statistics on absences and plan ahead to ensure you keep productivity at its highest level.



HiReady gives you the opportunity to track your employees' attendance as accurately as possible. Your employees can either manually add their working hours or let the time stamp do the work for them. 

By logging into their personal account, working hours are automatically recorded. Receive a comprehensive overview and reports on time spent in each project, with your clients or other tasks. Our timesheets simplify your daily tasks. Add them to your personal portal directly or assign tasks to your coworkers!