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HiReady is a software solution developed to streamline and optimize HR and recruitment processes for companies. The software offers a wide range of features aimed at making the entire hiring process more efficient. As part of the OBS Group, we have extensive experience in ERP software and project management. This expertise allows us to offer your company the ERP software that precisely matches your individual needs and challenges.

We are here to enrich the market with our experience.

We are brandnew but up to date!

Only the

Although HiReady is new to the market, our software is backed by not inexperience, but rather a wealth of expertise and extensive experience from the renowned OBS Group. 

The OBS Group consists of six independent houses with over 100 employees. Each house brings specific expertise and years of experience to offer tailored solutions for clients. Through collaboration and the exchange of best practices, we provide added value to our customers and support them in achieving their goals.

How it 

So we have developed a software that builds upon the renowned Odoo platform..

..by combining the powerful Odoo platform with our specialized HR and recruitment software, we provide a comprehensive solution to optimize the entire HR domain. Through the integration of both systems, companies can seamlessly navigate between various aspects of personnel management and make their HR processes more efficient and effective.


This journey has not only led to the creation of HiReady but also to a software that prioritizes HR and proudly reflects this in its name!

Our Office

Biggeschloss Olpe

Our office is located in a listed castle on the shore of the Biggesee and this is where initial ideas eventually became our company HiReady! Our team accompanies and supports you both on-site and virtually.

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