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Timing is everything..

For recruiters, timing plays a crucial role in successfully placing candidates. Delays in processing inquiries or conducting interviews can result in qualified candidates choosing another position. Time is therefore a valuable asset that should not be wasted. 

Client Management

Client Management

HiReady is a cloudbased software solution specifically designed for recruitment agencies. With its comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM), it enables efficient management of clients and ensures no contacts are lost.

Recruitment agencies can easily manage their clients in a centralized database. They can store all important information such as contact details, key personnel, and contract details, and access them quickly. The CRM module of our HiReady recruitment software provides an intuitive user interface that allows for easy navigation and fast search capabilities.

Organize important paperwork of clients in our document management system.

Upload and scan different data formats and add them to contacts and running projects.

Work in batches by requesting approvals, editing folders, select and assign multiple files at once.

Streamline your recruiting routine

With ​features like resume tracking, custom fields, interview scheduling, proposal letter creation, and report generation, our recruiting software manages all aspects of the hiring process in one place. With our intelligent reporting tools, you can continually expand and grow your database of potential candidates for your clients.

Determine your own stages for interviews

In the Kanban view, you can inspect and customize the steps of your hiring process: Pre-selection, first and second Interview, further negotiations, etc. 

Recruiting routine
Resume extraction

Resume Extraction and Integration

The CV Parsing feature of HiReady allows for the quick extraction and retrieval of relevant information from resumes. By automatically integrating into the system, it eliminates manual data entry, thereby speeding up the process and minimizing errors. Additionally, profiles on LinkedIn and Xing can be directly transferred into the HiReady system, seamlessly integrating them into the recruiting process. This saves time in candidate data entry and enables an efficient search and selection of the best talents.

LinkedIn/Xing Integration

​​In addition, profiles on LinkedIn and Xing can be transferred directly to our recruiting software and seamlessly integrated into the recruiting process. This saves time in capturing candidate data and enables efficient search and selection of the best talent.

Customer Integration via Portal for Streamlined Recruitment Process

The customer integration through the portal is another useful feature of HiReady. Companies can view the status and progress of candidates and provide feedback. This transparency improves communication between recruiters and clients, allowing both parties to collaborate more effectively.

Customized Website

Our Recruitment Software offers the ability to generate a customized website. Companies can make inquiries directly through the website, which are then captured as leads in the CRM. This simplifies the lead generation and management process, enabling recruiters to effectively engage potential customers.

Cloud Technology

Thanks to cloud technology, recruitment agencies can access the software from anywhere and easily share it with other team members. This enables them to optimize their recruitment routine and efficiently manage all aspects of the hiring process in one place. As a result, they are able to find the best candidates for their clients while saving time and resources.
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